Everyone knows that parking at Costco is hell.  My parents used to take us to the Fairfax one on Saturdays and it was a zoo.  What a nasty chore it was to go and pick up the necessities for the month.  My sisters and I were always happy at the end when my mom bought us a slice of pizza.

I’ve been hitting Costco more often the past few years and usually in the early hours during the week to avoid the parking madness.  Well, today of all days, yes, in the 100 degree weather, I have an altercation with a man who STOLE my spot.   I was furious!

The current spot owning family unloaded their purchases and I waited patiently for the father to return the cart.  WELL, then comes this Mercedes pulling up and waiting on the left hand side for the spot.  I wave to the driver to let them know I was there first.  I’m like, “Is he blind?”  Why is he still waiting?? So the occupant of the spot, pulls out and blocks me from pulling in.  GREAT!  So then the Mercedes pulls in and parks.  Drove in like he OWNED it.  My jaw hits the floor and my blood pressure rises.

I know Pipey is in the car but I was really fuming at this point. I debated for a second if I should start something since I had my child with me.  But something in me was pushed so I slowly pulled up to the rear of his car and rolled down my window.  I shouted, “SERIOUSLY???  Did you not see me waiting for the spot? ”  The man did not respond.  So I yelled a little louder…SERIOUSLY??  He finally opened his door, shrugged and said, “I was waiting for this spot.”  He couldn’t even look me in the face when he said this.  LIAR!  I then said, “Watch your car,” and drove off.  I would have stayed longer had the little Honda behind me had not HONKED!

Pipey and I found a spot pretty quickly.  As we walked to the entrance we see that Mercedes Man was still in his car.  I wondered, “Did I scare him?”.  My shopping stint would not take long since I only had three items to pick up.  As Pipey steered the cart, I became more concerned…perhaps I should be WATCHING my own car!

As we exited the store, I see that Mercedes Man is not in his car but then I catch a glimpse of a little girl around the age of 8 or 9 jumping from the trunk of the car to the middle seats.  WHO KEEPS THEIR CHILD IN THE CAR IN THIS HEAT??  I wanted to report him instantly but wasn’t sure if the car had the AC running or not.  But I figured she was old enough to walk out of the car if she wanted to.

When we got home, I thoroughly checked my car to see if there were any new scratches or dents.  All clear.  Then I proceeded to log on to my email and chat.  I immediately shared my Costco experience with Heather, Annie Meemo, and el Rosso.  Heather told me she would have been pissed had that happened to her.  Honestly, Heather could send out her small army of children to fight Mercedes Man!  Annie laughed about the story but told me to be careful fighting injustices with Pipey nearby.  Now, El Rosso.  El Rosso’s main question was…ARE YOU SURE YOU WERE THERE FIRST???   So, I could only reply by saying, “F off.”

I told Annie and Heather, El Rosso’s response.  Annie said that El Rosso is too precious.  Heather LOLs and said El Rosso cracks her up.  So again, I told all three of them to F OFF.  Heather then advised me to blog.  So here I be.

Damn Costco.

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The Comfy Bed

I know all of you can relate to this…the yumminess of your parents’ bed when you were a kid.  Yes, your parents’ bed!  Remember how you’d run to your parents bed in the middle of the night and how all would be better ?  The bed that made you feel warm, protected, and happy.  El Rosso remembers this feeling and so do I.

Pipey has always been jealous of our king size bed.  So when it was time to upgrade his little bed, we decided to get him a full size ‘Pure Comfort’ bed with a nice natural cotton topper and soft organic sheets.  He thanked us for his new luxurious bed the first month he occupied it but since then he’d say comments such as, “I love your bed, Mommy.  I’ll trade mine for yours. It’s such a comfy bed.  I love it.” I knew exactly what he meant when he was saying this.  So tonight, I told him he could fall asleep in our bed (but didn’t tell him we’d move him back to his bed).  He grabbed his two lovies and ran to my room shouting, ‘This is the best day ever.’

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Little Nurse

My sister had surgery last Tuesday.  I’m glad we live nearby so I can make a daily trip.  Pipey hasn’t complained about our excursions because he gets to see one of his favorite Aunts.  He keeps Annie Meemo busy with his stories, art work, and games of UNO.  I almost picked up a pack of UNO cards a few months ago when I went to Target but knowing how it’s Annie Meemo and Pipey’s game…I’ve decided to pass on the purchase.  I love watching them play and hope that one of Pipey’s childhood memories will include this special game.

Yesterday, Annie Meemo playfully teased Pipey by saying, “I’m sorry I cannot go on the cruise with you because of my surgery.”  Pipey responds (knowing she was never invited on the cruise and that he did not want to pass up on his family vacation), “Well…we planned this trip long ago….”  And then offered to give up his Nintendo DS so that it could be Annie Meemo’s companion while he is away.

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Seriously? Almost a year?

I’m guessing most people who followed my blog have gone on their merry way.  I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I posted my last entry.  I wish I had kept up because I missed out on blogging my son’s year in kindergarten!  DARN IT!

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Kids Fun Race

While vacationing in Maine, Pipey told us that he really enjoyed running and wanted to be in a race.  I looked through the Acadia Weekly paper to see if there was a listing of local races.  The YMCA was going to hold a family fun race in two days.  Kids did not have to register.  They simply had to show up and run.  Well when race day came, Pipey backed out and we didn’t mention racing again.

A few weeks ago the Olympics advertisements perked Pipey’s interest in competition once again.  He again asked to be in a race.  So I got online and found a local YMCA fun run.  We got up early this morning and cheered our little guy on.  El Rosso was a runner in high school and so was his sister (Aunt S) who was a star athlete.  Perhaps he got their genes because he ran like the wind. 

**Note:  I got all choked up when he was at the starting line.  I’m not sure how I’ll handle the meets down the road if Pipey decides to pursue this as a serious sport!

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When Pipey says, ‘Mommy, guess what?’

I can’t help but respond by saying, ‘Chicken butt.’  I suppose this is all due to high school.  Somehow the people I hung out with would always say that when I’d say, GUESS WHAT.  I’m conditioned to respond this way.  Pavlov. hmmm.

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Remember the cartoons we watched as kids?  The protagonists were Strawberry Shortcake, She-Ra, Liono (Thundercats), Inspector Gadget, Optimus Prime, Rainbow Brite, Pappa Smurf,  etc.  And the antagonists were given names like: Peculiar Purple Pieman, Catra, Mumm-Ra, Dr. Claw, Megatron, Murky Dismal, and Gargamel.

Pipey was watching a cartoon today and he shouted out–“Look at Bling Bling Boy!  He’s got lots of gold.  Ohhh, he’s got a gold car.  I want to be Bling Bling Boy.”

Oh my word…Bling Bling Boy??  I’m going to put him under the antagonist category.

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